Signals Playbook’s analytic engines drive better innovation and brand performance

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Consumer Needs Tracking

Capture and understand the trend platforms and demand signals of the fickle consumer, as well as the effects of key opinion leaders on the consumer decision journey, brand loyalty and purchasing intent.

Competitive Assessment

Uncover competitive strategies, movements and
disruption threats as well as benchmark your brand
against competitors’ consumer engagement levels and
brand perception.

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03-White Space and Opportunity Identification.png

White Space Identification

Discover product and category white spaces through unmet and hidden consumer needs and preferences, determine whether markets are served, under-served or unserved and discover gaps that represent new business opportunities.

Market Trend Spotting

Assess the volume and velocity of market trends around benefits, features, ingredients and more by continuously cross-analyzing consumer sentiment, competitive activities and influence drivers in a given product category. 

04-Market Forces and Trends.png
05-Technology Exploration.png

Technology Exploration

Gain access to a global window overlooking existing and emerging disruptive technologies, materials and ingredients that you can harness to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Partnership Targeting

Identify, assess and develop potential opportunities for partnership, investment, licensing or acquisition to accelerate discovery and decrease product research and development costs.

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Answer “What’s Next and Why?” with Signals Playbook’s combination of unique data sets, machine learning and data science


The Signals Analytics difference



Smart, high-resolution
data lakes of rich information provide
the foundation our
product insights


Curated streams of data are validated and verified to assure statistical relevance and avoid misguidance


Actionable intelligence provides the basis for
your critical decisions throughout the product
life cycle


"Always-on" so you
can anticipate and
respond to the constant changes of today's marketplace