Why we do what we do


Our goal is to increase the success in developing new products by bringing data science out of the proverbial lab and into the boardroom. Our mission is to empower innovation leaders with the power of big data insights through making it actionable and easy-to-use.

As natural problem solvers and technologists with a passion for data, we believed that the right combination of business modeling, technology and data could make this a reality.   


What we do, exactly

We created Signals Playbook™, a single platform capable of managing different types of data, performing analyses, and linking those insights to real new product development decisions.  

As the world's first analytics platform designed for strategic portfolio decisions, Playbook re-imagines and automates the market research and insight process.  Playbook enables product teams to build better, more successful products by transforming multiple external big data sources into actionable intelligence findings.


Have you heard?