Fully understanding patient behavior, physician preference and healthcare system choice is as critical as clinical research in determining disease states, course trajectories and treatment sequences. And with real world evidence, patient reported outcomes and digital health data becoming more prevalent, life sciences companies are now compelled to harness the power of real-time intelligence in order to respond to constantly shifting patient, provider and payer desired outcomes.

Enter Signals Analytics, creator of the only cloud-based system of insight that transforms the world’s unconnected data and real world evidence into real time actionable intelligence to enhance therapeutic effectiveness, drive peak revenue and propel patient-centered innovation. By utilizing Signals Playbook, future achievement is no longer purely within the realm of science and technology, but extends to "beyond the pill" services and integrated care models that drive adherence.


“In just 3 weeks, Signals Playbook revealed the top features and benefits necessary to improve adherence and therapeutic outcomes.”

– CNS Portfolio Director at a Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

Impact to Your Business


Re-Invent Treatment Sequences by Exploring Disease States, Progressions and Trajectories

Increase Adherence and Minimize Substitutions Through Digital Health Ecosystem Engagement

Conduct Digital Pharmacovigilance to Assess Patient Behavior and Determine Potential Risks

Improve Omnichannel Patient and Provider Experience to Drive Superior Therapeutic Outcomes

Determine Buy, Build or Partner Motions for Quicker Market Entry and Peak Revenue Attainment


A Top Global Pharmaceutical Company Overcomes Marginalization by Generic Equivalents

The CNS therapeutic portfolio leaders of a top 20 life sciences company were struggling to effectively determine the reasoning behind a rapid decline in sales and erosion in market share of one of its flagship therapeutics. Within weeks, the team utilized the actionable insights uncovered by Signals Playbook to adjust pill size, shape, taste, form factor and packaging, improve patient adherence and outcomes and regain market share.

The Signals Analytics Difference


Precision Intelligence That Matters Most to Your Enterprise

Real Time Signals Detection with Validated Source Data  

Built By Industry Experts For Industry Experts

Rapid Business Impact and Value Right
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Learning Combined with Human Intelligence


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