Client success


Top 10 Consumer Goods Company | $200M

Narrowing of a revenue gap with the nearest competitor by utilizing Signals Playbook™ to identify applicable acquisition targets that could quickly fulfill its innovation, growth and market expansion agenda

Top 10 Life Sciences Company | 3 Weeks

To utilize the actionable insights provided by Signals Playbook™ to adjust pill form factor, taste and packaging to improve patient experience, increase adherence and regain market share

Top 10 Food & Beverage Company | 24%

Increase in portfolio margins driven by Signals Playbook™ uncovering unmet, under-addressed and hidden consumer needs that were then addressed with new proprietary ingredients and clean labeling


Platform Implementation

Our experts use proven methodologies to ensure Signals Playbook is deployed with impactful business outcomes. We identify your business needs to help you quickly extract maximum value and set the scene for future releases.


On-Demand Resources

Prevent blind spots by supplementing your existing market research and competitive intelligence expertise with our team of talented, fully-accessible professionals, including industry analysts, statisticians, modelers and data scientists.


Adaptive Insights

Begin with impactful commercial studies, reports, benchmarks, readouts and workshops, then move to the formats, outputs and delivery mechanisms that suit your range of business needs, launch timelines or new product development cycles.