Our professional services team is here to support, co-create and make an impact


Our team of top tier consultants, data scientists and data engineers is here to help you maximize the value of our data platform and prove ROI by connecting to your processes, workflows and solving your unique problems.


Our suite of professional service programs


Business Programs

On-demand business solutions geared to promote effective data-driven decision making throughout the organizational process of innovation, brand marketing and strategy.
A business program includes:

Reports – Actionable data driven decision reports created from the Signals platform to address specific needs such as innovation pipeline ranking, brand positioning and M&A target selection

Workshops – Your team and Signals Analytics experts join forces to gain perspectives, understand the data, solve a challenge and plan actions.

Education – Drive change management through facilitating value recognition and spreading the value and impact of the insights generated


Analytics Programs

Our fully configurable platform allows additional configurations of taxonomies and analytic engines to serve your specific need. A team of data scientists and data engineers will dive into the data or configure the platform to provide:

Custom dashboards – Modify chart visualization, filters and dashboard layout

Analytic engine design – Use our open data API and our data scientists to design a model on top of our connected data. Every designed model benefits from full data refresh automation post setup.

Taxonomy configuration Need to add a new ingredient, benefit, competitor or KOL to the taxonomy? Want to make sure the platform speaks your organization’s lingo? Our data engineers can configure taxonomy values and hierarchies to unlock hidden value in the data and adopt to internal and external changes affecting your business