From diverse sources, in every direction and along any number of trajectories, data now streams from us, at us and around us at an unprecedented pace. Patients, providers, payers, partners, competitors, regulators, medical portals, social media, mobile phones and instrumented patients – the number, nature and complexity of data sources is growing exponentially. But alas, this information is typically unconnected and unstructured, hence difficult to detect signals from the noise – signals that can be used to make optimal commercial decisions, quicker and with less risk.

That is, until now. At Signals Analytics, we’ve created an industrial approach to actionable intelligence and decision science, one that uncovers fundamental truths about patients, companies, competition and markets, as well as channels of communication, engagement and experience that can be leveraged to drive increased therapeutic outcomes, pipeline success and patient-centered innovation.


Decision Science as a Service for Shaping the Future and Anticipating What's Next



Spend less time locating, processing and interpreting data and more time incorporating real-time insights into every business interaction, process and plan


Our field tested and proven Decision Science as a Service platform is deployable in weeks, not the usual months or even years of conventional approaches


An adaptive platform architecture that can fully integrate, connect and structure your proprietary data sources with an unprecedented level
of accuracy


Delivery at a fraction of the cost of conventional business intelligence products, analytics platforms, visualization tools and social
listening systems

Signals Intelligence Streams

Curated data sources, proprietary taxonomies and preconfigured guided decision models eliminate the complexity, excessive cost and high risks common with typical solutions


The Data Continuum

The complex and continously-expanding world of unconnected and unstructured static and dynamic digital data, assets and records replete with the noise, outliers and irrelevancies that create usability challenges

Unconnected Data
  • Business Ecosystems
  • Internet of Things
  • Geo Spatial, AIDC, Sensors and Wearables
  • Public Data Sets, Hubs and Stores
  • Data Pools, Registries and Directories
  • Abstracts, Indexes and Public Records
  • Healthcare Provider Networks and Knowledge Centers
  • Reviews, Comments and Blogs
  • Key Opinion Leaders
  • Social Media
  • Syndicated Data Providers
  • Digital Media and News Feeds
  • Patient Surveys, Questionnaires and Diaries
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legislation, Statutes, Codes and Legal Proceedings
  • Government, Economic, Health and Census
  • Scientific and Academic Research
  • Clinical Trial Registries
  • Patient Communities
  • EDC, EMR and EHR
  • Payer Healthcare Claims
  • FDA Approvals, Denials and Clearances

Signals Hive

A cognitive computing foundation with military heritage that uncovers signals from the noise. Signals Hive utilizes a three-step computing process to reveal the actionable insights that drive business outcomes.


Deployment of a Swarm Intelligence and Synthetic Control framework to monitor seemingly disparate data sources, filter noise, uncover patterns and decode multi-modal signals that warrant additional investigation

Utilization of Neural Networking and Deep Learning concepts to validate, verify and rationalize the unstructured data, as well as confirm the detection of significant indications that could impact business

Application of Lexico-Syntactic and Semantic Extraction to model, situationally appraise and reveal meaning from the now-connected data, as well as transform it into outcomes-focused actionable intelligence

Signals Labs

Serves as monitoring and central control for quality assessment and performance tuning. Staffed by data engineers, analysts, scientists, statisticians, translators and modelers, this continuous learning environment also spearheads the rapid innovation, development and improvement of our Decision Science as a Service platform

Signals Playbook

Provides the cloud-based enterprise hub for outcomes-driven benchmarking, business process improvement and optimal commercial decisionmaking


Impact to your business

Growth Chart

Unlock Hidden Potential in Your Product Portfolio

  • Explore Omnichannel Patient and Provider Experience and Engagement Levels
  • Understand Patterns of Treatment Adherence, Substitutes & Alternatives

  • Spot Trend Formations and Competitive Responses

  • Ascertain Commercialization Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • Conduct Digital Pharmocovigilance

Optimize Your Product Pipeline

  • Identify Target Patient Populations
  • Uncover the Patient Treatment Journey 

  • Investigate the Effects of Key Opinion Leaders

  • Analyze Patient and Provider Selection Intent & Propensity to Comply

  • Review Patient and Provider Sentiment and Loyalty Indicators

Accelerate Your Innovation Agenda

  • Discover Unmet, Under-Addressed and Hidden Patient and Provider Needs
  • Intercept Disease States, Patterns and Progressions

  • Assess White Space Materialization and Opportunity Horizons

  • Determine Jobs to be Done, Size of the Prize and Market Inertia

  • Evaluate Buy, Build or Partner Scenarios

Capitalize on Early Warnings

Receive instant notification of real-time marketplace disruptions, developments and vulnerabilities so you can accelerate opportunity, correct course and avoid crisis.


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