Success into today's ultra competitive medical technology marketplace requires a digitial-dominant omnichannel patient engagement approach. Future achievement is no longer purely within the realm of science and technology, but now extends to satisfying unmet "beyond the device" needs, capturing the value-driven patient segment and creating integrated care models that improve outcomes. Enter Signals Analytics, creators of the only cloud-based augmented intelligence and decision science platform that transforms the world’s unconnected data and events into actionable insights to enhance customer experience, optimize product portfolio health and propel innovation.  With Signals Intelligence Streams, companies can create a patient-centered innovation environment that uncovers, addresses and adapts to constantly shifting stakeholder needs.


Analytical Intelligence Solutions


Elevate Peak Sales

by uncovering value levers, increasing treatment adherence, broadening provider adoption and minimizing switches to alternatives

Optimize Pipeline

by moving beyond the technology to refine new modalities of services, digital health offerings and omnichannel patient engagement strategies

Accelerate Your
Innovation Agenda

by intercepting disease progressions, identifying patient population trends and evaluating buy, build or partner scenarios

Just a Few of Our Clients

Signals Analytics Creates Value for the Medical Technology Industry


Increasing Patient Engagement
and Outcomes

Optimizing Innovation and
“Beyond the Device” Initiatives

Driving Business Actions that
Maximize Opportunities


Driving Organizational
Effectiveness and Efficiency

Lowering the Risk of
Commercial Decisionmaking


We Deliver Actionable Insights Across the Therapeutic Lifecycle


Real Time Intelligence During the Patient Treatment Journey

Our Proven Results

A Top Global Life Sciences Company Combats Competitive Disruption


Actionable Insights that Drive Superior Business Outcomes

  • Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • Disease Interception, States, Patterns & Progressions Analysis

  • Analyze Patient and Provider Selection Intent & Propensity to Comply

  • Omnichannel Patient and Provider Experience 

  • Emerging Patient Population Trending

  • Treatment Adherence, Substitutes & Alternatives

  • Digital Pharmocoviligence Surveillance

  • Commercialization Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Patient and Provider Sentiment & Loyalty

  • Key Opinion Leader Impact

  • Unmet, Under-Addressed and Hidden Patient and Provider Needs

  • Technology Whitespace and Opportunity Horizons

  • Jobs to be Done, Size of the Prize and Market Inertia

  • Buy, Build or Partner Scenarios


The Signals Analytics Difference


Precision Intelligence That Matters Most to Your Enterprise

Real Time Signals Detection with Validated Source Data  

Built By Industry Experts For Industry Experts

Rapid Business Impact and Value Right Out of the Box

Machine Learning Combined with Human Intelligence


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