Better understanding of data means more valuable insights. More valuable insights mean better strategic decisions. Better strategic decisions mean better business outcomes. Chances are your organization has already embarked on the journey towards becoming a data-driven culture and coalesced competitive intelligence, market research, commercial insights and data teams. But like many, you probably have concerns.


Signals Managed Intelligence offers a smart alternative to these challenges by utilizing the power of Signals Hive, Signals Labs and Signals Playbook, coupled with our Industry and Business Consulting teams. We rapidly identify areas of impact and utilize the knowledge gleaned from hundreds of engagements with many of the world’s most innovative brands to uncover actionable intelligence that drives business outcomes. And that means you can devote more time closing the gap between your brand promises and consumer sentiment, beating the competition and aligning with the right go-to-market partners.


Proven Platform

We combine Signals Playbook –
our proven system of product insight utilized by over 60 top global
brands – with predefined, though
fully customizable, frameworks, methodologies and
accelerators to power
business success

Tailored for Your Business

Our team applies extensive industry knowledge and professional experience derived from hundreds of engagements to deploy, modify, manage and govern your ongoing commercial insights operations while serving as an extension of your internal teams

On-Demand Resources

Prevent blind spots by supplementing your existing Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Insights expertise with Signals Analytics' team of talented, fully-accessible professionals, including industry analysts, statisticians, modelers and data scientists


Adaptive Insights

Begin with our services catalog of impactful Commercial Studies, Reports, Benchmarks, Readouts and Dashboards, then move to the formats, outputs and delivery mechanisms that suit your particular range of business challenges and needs


Outstanding Value

We help you identify your most pressing product portfolio needs, uncover valuable commercial insights, optimize your internal resources and accelerate time-to-business impact; all at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches and zero IT burdens


Our Proven Results

Signals Managed Intelligence Reveal New Direction for Diabetes Management Solutions


Impact to Your Business


Unlock Hidden Potential in Your Product Portfolio

  • Explore Omnichannel Customer Experience and Engagement Levels
  • Understand Patterns of Switching and Threats of Substitution

  • Spot Trend Formations and Competitive Responses

  • Ascertain Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

Optimize Your Product Pipeline

  • Uncover the Consumer Path to Purchase
  • Investigate the Effects of Key Opinion Leaders

  • Analyze Purchasing Intent and Propensity to Buy

  • Review Brand Perception, Sentiment and Loyalty Indicators

Accelerate Your Innovation Agenda

  • Discover Unmet, Under-Addressed and Hidden Needs
  • Assess White Space Materialization and Opportunity Horizons

  • Determine Jobs to be Done, Size of the Prize and Market Inertia

  • Evaluate Buy, Build or Partner Scenarios

Capitalize on Early Warnings

Receive instant notification of real-time marketplace disruptions, developments and vulnerabilities so you can accelerate opportunity, correct course and avoid crisis.

Our Impact On Your Organization


Quicker time-to-insight over traditional data analytics solutions or business consulting engagements


Faster time to market for new products, with a reduction of 50% in post-launch modifications


Decrease in costs for market research, competitive intelligence and consumer/patient insights

Our Clients Have Figured it Out 


Top 10 Consumer Goods Company

Narrowing of a revenue gap with the closest competitor by utilizing Signals Analytics to identify applicable acquisition targets that could quickly fulfill its innovation, growth and market expansion agenda

Top 10 Life Sciences Company

To utilize the actionable insights provided by Signals Analytics and adjust pill form factor, taste and packaging to improve patient experience, increase adherence and regain market share

Top 10 Food & Beverage Company

Increase in portfolio margins driven by Signals Analytics uncovering unknown, unmet and hidden consumer needs that were then addressed with new proprietary ingredients and clean-label options

Explore Signals Playbook for Your Industry-Specific Needs


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