Turning the world's unconnected data into insights that drive product success

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Signals Analytics helps world leading brands uncover actionable insights from disparate data, driving product portfolio growth, increasing new product success and propelling breakthrough innovation. Signals Playbook™ platform empowers your organization to continuously understand, anticipate and act on ecosystem trends. 


Signals Playbook™ combines unique data sets,  deep industry context and advanced analytics

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Curated and Connected Data

Myriads of integrated structured and unstructured data sources on consumers, markets and technologies, transformed into a lake of "smart data" relevant to your business ecosystem.

Signal Context Extraction

Ensure actionability of insights with advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that classify data in context to your specific product category in order to uncover and interpret signals around features, benefits, ingredients and auxiliary product attributes.

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Analytic Engines

Industry standard analysis frameworks
(e.g. consumer unmet needs, tech maturity and brand perception) transformed into analytic models configured to match your own lens to support product lifecycle decisions.

Monitoring and Alerts

Continuous monitoring and timely notification of market developments that align to your event and agenda cadence allowing you to maximize opportunity and reduce risk in your product pipeline.

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Our analytic engines turn the data you need into the insights you must have


Our value to your organization


Quicker time-to-insight over traditional business consulting and market research


Faster time to market for new products, with a reduction of 50% in post-launch modifications


Decrease in costs for
market intelligence and
consumer insights


Signals Playbook™ is ready for your industry

Signals Playbook™ provides industry and category-specific insight, foresight and reasoning to create a company culture of data-driven decision making that tackles the complexity of determining “Where to Play.... and How to Win" as well as mastering "What's Next... and Why?”

We’re honored


“Signals is the app store for innovation”


Fast 50 designation for 2015 and 2016


Named a 2016
Cool Vendor in Analytics


CEO’s Best Innovation
Partner Award


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