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Ensure your innovation budget is consistently aligned to the biggest opportunities, tracking against the evolution of digital health 

Category Growth through Acquisition

Unlock in-market revenue before your competitors through acquisitions, allowing rapid adaption to changing needs

Integrated Messaging & Channel Strategy

Maximize your ROI through digital strategy: improve communication to consumers by reaching them directly through right avenues and messaging 


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Success Story

Signals Analytics strategized with a VP of Portfolio Brands at a failing consumer healthcare company to re-engage a dwindling audience. As the brand’s original consumers had grown up, the brand had failed to connect with younger digital audiences. Signals’ Playbook™ Integrated Messaging & Channel Strategy solution provided a detailed messaging strategy for the brand to engage with a younger target audience: including which messaging to use in which avenues. After working against the strategy for five months, the brand’s target audience penetration doubled


accelerated product research time and market introduction


faster time to insight compared to manual alternatives


reduction on market research and consulting costs