Food Product Development

Food & Beverage

Maintain and increase your share of stomach by best-in-class product innovation and renovation

Solutions for Food and Beverage

Product Innovation & Renovation

Ensure your innovation will answer sustained consumer preferences as opposed to fleeting fads, keeping your new and existing products relevant

through Acquisition

Increase category share and provide consumers unique benefits through identifying the best acquisition targets

Integrated Messaging & Channel Strategy

Deepen your brand equity and customer loyalty by relevant, effective communication with consumers


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Success Story

Signals Analytics aided the VP of Portfolio Management for a leading global beverage company in identifying the roadmap to the next generation of beverages. Integrating 110,000 data points across consumer, technologies, and competitors, Signals Playbook™ produced a detailed outlook of the key benefits to innovate within, and the ingredients that would enable them to get there. This study penetrated the organization: resulting in reformulation of their key products and a blockbuster success with their “next gen” release.


accelerated product research time and market introduction


faster time to insight compared to manual alternatives


reduction on market research and consulting costs