How Digital Disruption is Reshaping Today’s Skincare Market: A Revolutionized Consumer Journey


How are digital solutions catering to changing consumer expectations and the buying journey in skincare? The impact of new digital solutions can be seen and felt throughout entire beauty industry, impacting how consumers research evaluate their own needs, evaluate and select products, how and where they buy, and how they evaluate the product’s effectiveness. Digital innovations themselves – with a new emphasis on personalization and effectiveness – are shifting the ecosystem and market ‘norms’; providing new opportunities to prove product effectiveness, engage with influencers, and create new brand experiences. We explore four major areas where digital is reshaping the consumer journey in skincare:

  • Diagnosis: Find the right product for you
  • Treatment Evaluation: Monitoring progress and impacting brand loyalty
  • Purchasing Motion: Redefining how consumers interact and engage
  • Product Innovation: Enhancing treatments