Data Talks Presents:
Catch the Plant-Based Wave:
The Next Generation of Dairy Alternatives

Nov. 28, 2018 at 1PM EST

Please join us for this free webinar as we explore the complex evolution of the dairy-alternative mega-trend. Across multiple food and beverage categories, data has shown a steady rise in vegan interest. Vegan first began as a movement around saving animals, followed by saving the world. More recently, though, consumers are adopting vegan as a lifestyle choice, regardless of their dietary needs or outlook on sustainability. 

Hosted by:


Sam Resnicow

Director of Solutions Consulting at Signals Analytics

This webinar will spotlight key data points and insights to assess the dairy-alternative ecosystem. Together we will dive into this mega-trend to validate if it’s an area with true potential for brands both large and small. We’ll learn about the gaps in the ecosystem, which brands are active in the space, new entrants, and so much more. Register today!