Innovation is the new competitive battleground, with global brands under mounting pressure to continuously introduce relevant products faster than ever. Consumers expect the next thing to be the next big thing — and when it’s not, they don’t hide disappointment. Traditional methods of consumer goods innovation – developing product ideas in-house, holding focus groups to determine feasibility and conducting research to determine market potential — do not effectively uncover the unmet, under-addressed or hidden
needs of today’s fickle consumer.

Enter Signals Analytics, creator of the only cloud-based system of insight that transforms the world’s unconnected data and events into actionable intelligence to propel breakthrough innovation. By utilizing Signals Playbook, global brands can put the consumer at the heart of innovation efforts by “seeking” their input earlier than ever in the product development lifecycle. The results of our clients speak for themselves: quicker, more effective and less costly product development with a minimal risk of underperformance or outright failure.


"Within 5 weeks Signals Playbook was assisting our top decision-makers to understand new brand and line extensions by uncovering key disruptors, white space and size of the prize for markets and demographics for which we had little insight."

SVP Product Innovation at a Global Luxury Company

Impact to Your Business


Spot Trend Formation and Benchmark Market Leaders to Surface New Opportunities

Discover Unmet, Under-Addressed and Hidden Needs to Capitalize on First Mover Advantage

Assess White Space Opportunities and Windows to Capitalize on Purchasing Intent Indications

Uncover Size of the Prize and Determine Jobs to be Done for Accurate Financial Forecasting

Analyze Buy, Build or Partner Scenarios and Ecosystems for Quicker Time to Market


A Leading Luxury Brand Enters the Smart Jewelry Category

A brand-name luxury goods company contemplated a move into the smart jewelry category, but lacked the commercial insight necessary to support the game changing decision. Within 6 weeks, Signals Playbook uncovered key consumer needs, white space opportunities and potential competitors within a wide range of target demographics, and provided the team with the insight necessary to prioritize go/no-go decisions and formulate market-entry strategies.

The Signals Analytics Difference


Precision Intelligence That Matters Most to Your Enterprise

Real Time Signals Detection with Validated Source Data  

Built By Industry Experts For Industry Experts

Rapid Business Impact and Value Right
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Learning Combined with Human Intelligence


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