Consumer engagement throughout the real-time decision cycle and path to purchase has never been more challenging, with loyalty fleeting, product switching rampant and market baskets always changing. The emergence of agile micro competition, the ubiquity of mobile phones and connected devices, as well as the realization that digital is the center of gravity offers today's always-on consumer unparalleled access,
choices and buying power.

Enter Signals Analytics, creator of the only cloud-based system of insight that transforms the world’s unconnected data into real time actionable intelligence to optimize product portfolio health, accelerate new product development and propel breakthrough innovations. With Signals Playbook, global brands are able to anticipate market developments, better respond to "shift on the fly" consumer sentiment and drive richer, more lasting customer experiences.


Analytical Intelligence Solutions


Unlock Hidden Potential in Your Product Portfolio

by continuously renovating omnichannel customer experience, elevating loyalty and ensuring brand resonance throughout the consumer decision cycle

Optimize Your New
Product Pipeline

by engaging consumers digitally to narrow the gap between purchasing intent and propensity to buy, as well as strengthening brand perception and sentiment

Accelerate Your
Innovation Agenda

by uncovering hidden consumer needs, identifying white space opportunities and evaluating buy, build or partner scenarios to speed time to market

Just a Few of Our Clients

Signals Analytics Creates Value for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


Increasing Customer
Experience and Brand Loyalty

Optimizing the Ideation and Innovation Process

Driving Business Actions that Maximize Portfolio Health


Driving Organizational
Effectiveness and Efficiency

Lowering the Risk of
Commercial Decisionmaking


We Deliver Actionable Insights Across the Product Lifecycle


Real Time Intelligence During the Consumer Decision Journey

Our Proven Results

A Top 3 Global Consumer Goods Company Enters the
APAC Skin Care Market


Actionable Insights that Drive Superior Business Outcomes

  • Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • Emerging Market Trends and Consumer Motivations

  • Consumer Purchasing Intent and Propensity to Buy

  • Consumer Sentiment & Loyalty

  • Trend Formations and Competitive Response

  • Product Switching, Substitutes & Alternatives

  • Consumer Path to Purchase

  • Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Omnichannel Customer Experience

  • Key Opinion Leaders Impact

  • Unmet, Under-Addressed and Hidden Consumer Needs

  • Whitespace and Opportunity Horizons

  • Jobs to be Done, Size of the Prize and Market Inertia

  • Buy, Build or Partner Scenarios


The Signals Analytics Difference


Precision Intelligence That Matters Most to Your Enterprise

Real Time Signals Detection with Validated Source Data  

Built By Industry Experts For Industry Experts

Rapid Business Impact and Value Right
Out of the

Learning Combined with Human Intelligence


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