Solutions for Consumer Goods


Ensure your innovation budget is allocated to answering sustained consumer preferences as opposed to fleeting fads 

Accelerate Development
through Acquisition

Grow your innovation pipeline & portfolio through quickly and objectively identifying the best acquisition candidates 

Integrated Messaging & Channel Strategy

Bolster your brand equity and customer loyalty through relevant, effective communication with consumers 


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Success Story

A major CPG company was looking to grow its share within a key category through revamping their brand, but didn't know which benefits consumers found most critical. Using Signals Playbook™ Portfolio Prioritization revealed unmet needs in the market, key messaging to include, and also influencers who could work as brand advocates. Upon relaunch, our client's offering jumped off the shelves and became the category leader after 5 months


accelerated product research time and market introduction


faster time to insight compared to manual alternatives


reduction on market research and consulting costs