Our values


One Team

Diverse set of intelligent minds working together to identify and solve problems and achieve goals with a positive approach



Strive for superior quality, strong execution and learning from mistakes to be better at supporting impactful moments for our customers



What we do is by no means simple –we aim to refine and communicate complexities in a clear and succinct manner


Our mission

We're changing the way companies interact with data and
make product decisions


At Signals Analytics, we help the world's leading brands make better product decisions faster and with less risk. We’re looking for hard-working, passionate people to help us unite the art and science of sound decision-making.

The opportunity to shape how companies create winning products, discover breakthrough cures and put social good at the heart of their business is in our grasp. We’ve proven we can move fast, but right now we’re only part of the way there.

To continue with our mission of empowering organizations, we need your help. The strength of our teams is built on an incredible diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and talents coming together and it’s why we actively seek the brightest minds in the world. 


Who we are

We are a tight-knit team of ex-military intelligence officers, software engineers, data scientists and talented business professionals. A career with Signals Analytics means contributing in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where courage, creativity and character is rewarded.


We encourage you to experiment, take risks and ask "why".  And if you make a mistake? That’s ok – learn from it, share your experience and move on. We hope you’ll love it here, but we also know that it’s not all about work. We’ll help you maintain a healthy balance with generous benefits, flexible work hours and plenty of company-sponsored social activities and charitable service opportunities.

We’re growing quickly, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and advance. You’ll have the creative freedom to make a real difference and the chance to work with some of the best companies and leading minds in business.

A few of our clients

  • What is it like to work at Signals Analytics for me? A journey. Responsibility. Dedication. Hard work. Problem-solving. Continuous improvement. Cooperation. Inspirational teammates, people you can trust. Excitement and new challenges. Passion. Innovation. Achievement. More hard work. Forever learning.
    — Zhenya Kusner, Senior Software Engineer
  • One of my personal drivers at Signals Analytics is the feeling of satisfaction after solving a really tough challenge. In my work I am faced with many complex challenges, such as complex system architecture, data scale, and the complexity of real-life data connectivity. I get a lot of satisfaction in solving these challenges.
    — Roy Hodir, Software Development Manager
  • Handling vast amounts of data is a challenging task to take on. Working at Signals Analytics combines this challenge with new technologies to enhance our ability to deliver insights and value to our clients while providing us with first-hand industry knowledge. All this makes for a very interesting and fun place to work and contribute to.
    — Hadar Klein, Data Collection Manager
  • Working for Signals Analytics has given me a better balance, opportunities, and confidence in myself than any other experience I’ve had in my career. You see your individual impact to the company; work with smart, kind, and funny people; and can truly earn your dream position if you work hard enough. After joining Signals Analytics, it’s hard for me to imagine working elsewhere.
    — Erin Erskine, Customer Success Manager

We’re honored


“Signals is the app store for innovation”


Fast 50 designation for 2015 and 2016


Named a 2016
Cool Vendor in Analytics


CEO’s Best Innovation
Partner Award