Driving intelligence thinking into an organization – creating a data-driven culture, with evidence-based insights that drive informed decisions – is still an unfulfilled promise at major companies. A recent survey of top executives at Fortune 1000 companies, by NewVantage Partners, reported in HBR, highlights a big gap between using big data for specific decisions and changing their organizations to embrace the data-driven culture. While 81% of the executives see their big data investments as “successful” in various project-based areas – such as reducing expenses, branching into new areas and planning launches - over 40% are trying to change their culture but have not yet to be successful.

Why does this matter? While it’s great to use relevant data for specific decisions, executives today realize that without their whole organization looking to continuously understand the shifts in today’s commercial environment they are vulnerable to being left behind. The pace of change of consumers, communications and competitors requires a constant understanding of the real world.