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Top 10 Consumer Goods Company

Narrowing of a revenue gap with the closest competitor by utilizing Signals to identify applicable acquisition targets that could quickly fulfill its innovation, growth and market expansion agenda

Top 10 Life Sciences

To utilize the actionable insights provided by Signals and adjust pill form factor, taste and packaging to improve patient experience, increase adherence and regain market share

Top 10 Food & Beverage Company

Increase in portfolio margins driven by Signals uncovering unknown, unmet and hidden consumer needs that were then addressed with new proprietary ingredients and clean-label options


Powering Intelligence Streams that Drive Superior Business Outcomes

In today's Data Economy, high-performance organizations are making great strides in creating data-driven cultures, yet many still struggle to isolate meaningful signals from the noise and transform them into specific actions that result in performance breakthroughs.


The Challenge


The ability of organizations to analyze data is not growing nearly as fast as the data that actually needs to be analyzed

90% of world's growing data is actually noise because its unconnected, unstructured and, accordingly, is not actionable

Unfortunately, conventional approaches cannot uncover insights from this noise and enhance business performance


Transforming Unconnected Data into Actionable Insight for Breakthrough Performance

Unconnected Data

Signals Analytics connects the dots to drive commercial decisionmaking with a higher probability of success, quicker and with less risk. We combine advanced data transformation, machine learning and human intelligence to enable the high definition enterprise that can anticipate and react to change.


Our Decision Science as a Service-based approach delivers impact across your organization, lines of business and product lifecycles, as well as throughout the consumer path to purchase and patient treatment journeys.

Actionable Insights

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Driving Business Actions that Maximize Company Health

Signals Intelligence Streams are foundational to nurturing continued product portfolio success, maximizing the impact of new product launches and empowering consumer-driven innovation to drive future growth

Shaping the
Insights-Driven Organization

Signals provides the insight, reasoning and actionable intelligence to promote a culture of data-driven decisionmaking that tackles complex business challenges and answers the question “Whats Next....and Why”

Reducing the Risk of Commercial Decisionmaking

Signals presents data-driven capabilities that allow you to move past "rules of thumb" and intuition-led commercial decisionmaking by uncovering and utilizing previously unavailable actionable intelligence

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“Signals is the app store for innovation”

Fast 50 designation for 2015 and 2016

Named a 2016
Cool Vendor in Analytics

CEO’s Best Innovation
Partner Award


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